Our Story

We founded Pomologic because we wanted to make awesome, yet affordable accessories for your digital devices. Way back in 2016 we started to look at what kind of iPad cases were out there and we found that they for the most part were these bulky black sad looking things. So we sat down with an iPad and a colorwheel to figure out what colors we liked the best. After some trial and error and revisions to the front cover (needed to have wider panels for better stability) the book case for iPad was born! So far its been a great hit and we’ve been selling our colourful iPad cases for almost 5 years now. Time flies!  Our customers tell us that they love all the color options and the understated super slim design. For 2020 we are looking to expand our colourful range in to different categories of tech so please check back soon and see what we’ve come up with.

B2B inquires / Whole sale

The Book Case has large surfaces that are ideal for further branding. We have delivered lots of cases for customers who were looking for colorful ways to expand their branding or make cool giveaways.

Pomologic is sold many places throughout the nordic countries. If you cant find a  reseller near you or if you want to sell Pomologic in your store please reach us through the contact form on the contact us page.